Ben 10 Survivor 2 Game

The aliens are doing something bad and Ben want to know about it. He would change into an alien, but his Omnitrix was damage during his last mission. He would have to defend on some blasters to defend himself with. It would take weeks or even months for Asmutt to repair the Omnitrix. He can’t wait for that long as the aliens are doing something bad. The least he could do right now is to investigate and tell it to the PLUMBERs. They would know what to do since they have taken care of Earth ever since then. Grandpa Max is part of the PLUMBERs and he knows that they are reliable when it comes to handling aliens.

This game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is to get to the finish line. Try not to die in the process. You can do that without getting attacked or you can become the aggressor. Either way, you can reach the finish line. The first one is safer, but you can’t expect to get a high score for that. The game becomes harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

Are you ready to save the world?

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