Ben 10 Boxing 2 Game

For most of us, we don’t want any trouble since we don’t like to get hurt. That is what most people want as they want to live a normal and happy life. But, some people don’t’ even have a choice of having that life since others are envy of them and would do anything to ruin their day. Ben didn’t choose to be a hero, but he have to anyway since he is chosen by the Omnitrix. At first, he was enjoying it, but he found out that it can’t help him make money. Her needs to work, but since he don’t have a skill, it would be difficult for him. His best option is to get paid to beat up someone and by that, it means fighting in a boxing match.

In this game, you are Ben and you need to beat your opponent till he drops. Well, he get counted to 10 because that would declare you the winner. Your other option is to knock him cold because he can’t move back on his own feet. The game would get harder and more difficult no doubt, but this is what gives the game excitement since there would be more challenge.

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