Ben 10: Gold Miner Game

Ben is a fighter and he would never back down from a fight especially since he got the Omnitrix to back him out. He would just transform into an alien whenever a fights broke down, but that is not the problem as he need some cash. Ben find out about location where to find the most gold and he knows that this would make him rich. He goes there to dig lots of gold and other gems. There is no assurance that he would be rich, but it is better than not trying anything. Besides, he doesn’t know anything and he can’t do anything to make some cash.

In this game, the idea is to make lots of cash. Basically, you need to dig gold and other mineral to make some cash. If you want to get to the next level then you would need to dig some gold or other minerals and it would be converted some cash. Actually, you don’t even need to dig as you just need to get it by using a grappling hook. The weight of the stones depends upon its size. If it is big then it would take longer to pull up. In each level, you would need to meet quota to get to the next level.

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