Ben 10 Revenge Game

Looks like Earth is in danger once more as there is a new threat. No these guys aren’t aliens, but they are acting as though they needs to get rid of the human race. Ben didn’t have a clue, but he would surely want to get to the bottom of it all. Ben can’t transform into an alien since the Omnitrix needs repairs and it would take months to repair it. Ben needs to depend on his blaster in the meantime. The evil armed force is not only a threat to human, but some goods aliens as well.

In this game, you are not on the offensive as you need to defend yourself against armies. They would quickly swarm on you like a bug. You can play this game with keyboard. The idea here is to defeat all of your enemies before you can move to the next level. Each enemy that you kill earns you money and you can use the money to buy better weapons. The game becomes harder and more exciting as you make some progress. The number of enemies grows as you make some progress, so make sure that you have a powerful weapon to meet and defeat them with.

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