Ben10 Rampage Game

Earth is under siege as the aliens want it for themselves. They don't want us and would want to get rid of us. Fortunately, we have Ben Tennyson, who would fight for us. With the help of his Omnitrix, he would do battle the aliens. Those aliens are hostile, but it doesn't mean that all alien are that way. Even in aliens, there are good and bad and we should know who are we up against to. We can't fight all, so it would help if we would know the evil from the good.

In this game, you can't use the Omnitrix like in most game. You would need to use your kick and punch to defend yourself with. Don't worry as you can defeat them with just punches and kicks. The idea here is to get to the portal, but there would be lots of enemies trying to beat you. Of course, you can avoid the enemies and run to the portal, but where is to excitement in that. To enjoy the game, you should beat your enemy and go into the portal to get to the next level. The game would get even more exciting as you make some progress.

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