Ben 10 Fireman 2 Game

The aliens are back and they are much wiser than before since they have learned from the last encounter. They are much well hidden than before and it won't be easy since they are not in the open area. they pick a spot, wherein the fireballs won't reach them anymore. However, that is if the fireball don't bounce on their way. Those alien menace are back to their old ways and they would keep on collecting some human for their experiment to cultivate some drugs using humans. Ben would not let it be and would put a stop to them no matter what is the cost. He transformed into Heatblast to do one last battle with the alien menace.

In this game, you can only use the mouse to pay it. The idea here is to blast those unwante4d aliens from the face of the planet. Well, at least, from your monitor. Some aliens can't be simply reach by your fireball and you need to do all what is necessary to get rid of them. You can bounce the fireball until it reaches the target. The game would become even more challenging as you make some progress, so prepare for that and make sure that you are able to get your alien.

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