Heatblast Defense

Heatblast is one of Ben's favorites alien transformation. He always used it on most of his fight, but of course, there are some instances that it can't be used. Anyway, the Omnitrix can't give what Ben wants as it is just randomize. When Ben first found the Omnitrix in the forest, he transformed into Heatblast and thus burned the whole place. He don't know what is going on and he panicked that time. Now, that he knows what to do, he isn't going to make that mistake. Overtime, he became adapt of using his Omnitrix, but Heatblast remains one of his favorite even though other alien forms are now available for him to transform.

In this game, you need to defend your place against trolls. They would keep on appearing. No, you can't shoot fireballs at them. Instead, you can just punch them till they are gone. Some trolls would drop something that would increase your fighting power. Beware as there are trolls that are bigger than the rest. They are much tougher than common trolls. This game is non-stop as you can't rest between levels. The game becomes harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

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