Thumb Grande Ben 10 Game

Ben acquired his alien watch while on vacation. Actually, it is not the intention of the maker of the Omnitrix since Grandpa Max was the suppose to acquire it after Vilgax,s men board the ship of the maker of the watch. Asmutt thought that it would reach Grandpa Max, but since he and Ben share the same DNA, Ben was able to use it. Using the Omnitrix, he was able to transform into 10 different aliens at a time. Of course, he can't choose who to transform since it was randomized. There is no telling on what alien you would become. Everything is up for a chance. You need to know every alien to use the alien watch effectively.

Unfortunately, this game is a puzzle and you can't transform into an alien. All the 10 aliens that Ben can morph into are here, but you can't use their powers since they are just pictures. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to put the puzzle pieces together, so that you can see the entire picture. You would see the picture at the start of the game, but you need to scramble it to play the game. Then you would need to put it back together as fast as you can.

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