Hero Hoops

Ben might be great at fighting aliens, but it doesn't mean that he would be great no matter what he does. Sure, he might be a good hero, but he suck in sports specially in basketball. Ben decided to get the practice so that he would be great in basketball. There is no assurance that he would be as great as an NBA player, but surely, he would be better than before. Practice makes perfect, but being a hero a student do Ben have the time to make things happen all the time. Surely, he can't be good at everything since all of that requires some time.

In this game, Ben won't be using the famous Omnitrix. The idea here is to get as much basket as you can within the time frame. Of course, you can extend your time with a certain ring. However, you can't see that ring all the time. You need to wait for it, but if you can't make a goal in it then your chances passes by. Other than that, there are other rings that could help you in the game. The game would get even harder and more challenging as you try to perceive. When the time ends then the game is over.

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