Ben 10: Basketbal Free Throw Game

In life, we can't have it all, so we need to specialize in something since we can't live forever. Ben just found out that he can't be good in all things. He defends to much on his Omnitrix that he wasn't able to improve his shooting skills. When he and his friends played basketball, he became the laughing stuff because he always miss the shots for him. So, he decided that he need to improve his free throws, so next time won't be the same. He promised himself that he would make the free throws that are given to him and prove that he is a valuable asset for his group.

In this game, you won't be using the Omnitrix since there are no threats. The idea here is to pump up your shooting skills, so you need to make sure that you can shoot that ball to the basketball ring. The game is played by a mouse and you need to pull the ball backwards, so that it would spring to the basketball. Of course, it is always easier said than done because the game is a lot tougher than seeing it, compared to playing it.

Think, you an beat the game?

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