Ben 10: Shootout Game

Ben was faraway from his home world the bad news about the flight where Vilgax was taken. It had crashed and all the prisoners escape. Ben knows that they must be recaptured since they are criminals, who have done some heinous crime. The biggest scum of them all is Vilgax since he has destroyed lots of planets. However, that won't be easy since he is very sleek and quick on his feet. Not to mention that he is really strong and has an army that would do his bidding. This only prove that he is dangerous and needs to be recaptured as fast s you can.

In this game, you need to destroy thew aliens and robots that you see. They need to be dealt with as fast as you can. You would be suing a blaster since your transformation don't last long. You need to shoot as fast as you can since the enemy would also be shooting you. In short, this is a shootout game since you need to take them down before they can take you down. Remember that you need to reach the checkpoint, so that you won't start at the beginning. The game gets more exciting as you make some progress.

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