Ben 10 Atomic Transporter Game

Gwen and Kevin got kidnapped by none other than Vilgax. Ben went on to save them, but he was no match against Vilgax and his armies. Vilgax got into talks to Ben and claimed that all he wanted was a lot of nuclear energy. He knows where to get, but the problem is transportation since he would be noticeable as he drive a truck. He would need Ben to deliver the cargoes to him as fast as Ben can. It is highly volatile, so it is important to drive carefully. And no, an omnitrix wouldn't make things easier.

In this game, you need to drive a truck that contains some volatile nuclear energy. The idea here is to drive the truck as fast as you can, but always keep in safety in mind as you don't want to drop it. There are no timers in this game, but it would help if you can deliver it fast since each time remaining would be converted to points. The road ahead is full of mountain and it would be a bumpy ride because of that. The game gets more exciting and challenging as you make some progress.

Are you ready to deliver those dangerous cargoes?

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