Ben 10 Ultimate Warrior Game

Ben Tennyson travels back in time to become the ultimate warrior that the time has ever seen. It was an anomaly that sends him back in time. Since Ben is searching for his way back, he might as well become a warrior from that time since the rule was corrupt and he is making unreasonable taxes on the land. The people are already suffering from the drought and they can't produce enough food for themselves. The samurai are sent to harassed them and forced them to pay for their taxes. When Ben arrives in that time, the situation is worse and he realizes that someone needs to stand up to the cruel overlord. He can't turn into an alien for a long time, he learns to use the samurai sword to defend himself.

In this game, you need to get to the other side, but there are lots of samurai guards waiting for you. You need to dispose of them fast as there would be more. Grab some gold coins floating in the are as you move further in the game. It would add some score to your points. You need to make sure that you slash down your enemies or they would keep coming back at you.

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