Ben 10 Desert Truck

Ben is always a daredevil and would do anything that would keep his adrenaline pumping. He can fight aliens all the way, but not all aliens are evil. They are just like us, there are good and bad aliens. Actually, aliens here do have a community hidden in almost every country. there, they can do anything that can make their currency. They are free and pretty much can do anything that they want. However, others choose to live with humans, disguising themselves as a human. They live among humans and has form some friends over the years.

However, Ben wants to keep his adrenaline pumping most of the time. Since, he can't always fight some evil aliens most of the time, he would need a sport, which can give him the same benefit of a dangerous fight with alien. He found out that he could get the same benefit from racing since things can get serious. To make things tougher, he thought of taking things much farther, thus, he is taking his vehicle to the desert where the heat is almost unbearable. It would be much harder to drive in such dry and empty space. The adrenaline pump would surely double and he would feel the rush all the way.

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