Ben 10 Kart Race 2

You might think that all a hero does is fighting some bad guys, but the truth is that they also know how to relax and enjoy their time. After all, what they does is hard stuff and would a put a toll on their body in the long run. It is important to enjoy every little time you have with your family since they are always there and nothing can replace them. When all things said and done all that you can rely is yourself and your family. A race is a fun race that would keep your bonding even tighter than before.

In this game, you won't use the Omnitrix and none of those alien transforming powers. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as possible, but that won't be easy since there are obstacles along the way that would slow you down. And since, this is a competition, other racers would fire some beam that would stop you for a few second. Of you can fire some beam back at them to do the same. The game would become harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

Think you can beat the other racers?

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