Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Rescue Game

Aggregor was collection five aliens as he needed their powers to become the ultimate being. However, Ben came to the scene and the five aliens were rescues. Ben decided to send them back to their own planet. On the way back, the five aliens were so happy that they are going to return home, but their happiness was cut short since Aggregor was the one piloting the ship. The aliens was no match and soon they have been taken prisoner once again. Back home, Ben learned that one of the ships was taken by Aggregor. He immediately transform into an alien to invade the ship and rescue the five aliens.

In this game, you need to rescue the five aliens, but before you can get to them, you need to overcome lots of obstacles. Also, there are lots of robots inside the ship that you need to destroy. You can only transform into Swampfire in this game, but that is enough. The robots need to be shot several times. Try not to be hit since that would lower your life. When you are out of life then the game ends and you end up failing the game. The game gets exciting as you make some progress.

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