Ben 10 in Mario World Game

Ben Tennyson is certainly one of the best heroes in our world. But, how about in the other world? You might not think of it, but things like that do happen in the cartoon world since they are connected somehow. One day, while Mario was chasing some evil alien, he was transported into another dimension. It was the doing of the alien and King Kuppa since the two decided that they should help one another. So, Mario is on your world while you are in his world. Both of you are trying to figure it out. Fortunately, you have played this game, when you were younger and now, you know all about it.

In this game, you are trapped in Mario's world and the only way that you can get out is to beat the game. This game is played like in Super Mario, so try to do the same. The idea here is to get to the flagpole as fast as you can. There is a timer and you need to beat the time. If you can't do that, then the game would be over. You should punch some boxes that has a question mark on it since it has coins most of the time. Other time, it has the flower power that could transform you into Heatblast.

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