Ben 10 Zombie Halloween

Halloween is over, but it looks like that we are going to experience it all over again as the undead army are marching towards our town. We need to be vigilant and stand up against them. We can't afford to be bitten since a mere bite is all that it takes for us to transform into one of them. We have Ben Tennyson on our side, but he can't transform into an alien since his Omnitrix is broken. No doubt that he would put his life on the line, but he can't do it alone. We need to help him because the zombies multiply in every person they bite. We need to stop them before they can set foot on our town.

In this game, you need to defend the town against the zombies. The game control are keyboard and mouse. Your ammo is not unlimited, but you won't have any problem with that if you are always on the lookout for more. You need to stop the zombies from going to the town because their numbers would multiply. AS you make some progress, there would more powerful weapons that would be available. The game gets harder as you make some progress.

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