Ben 10 Truck Rival

Things are getting boring since Ben and his friends are doing the same over and over again. They need something fresh that would keep their adrenaline pumping for more. They know that in their line of work, they need to be in tip top shape or they would surely hit the end of the line. When that happens, they might even survive. Since each one of them has a new truck, they thought of having a race and find out who is best guy of them all. Though, there are no money involve in the game, they would like to have fun and this is the next best thing to fighting aliens.

In this game, the idea is to race as fast as you can since there would be no second place. The race would be over if that happens. However, you can concentrate on gathering the orbs. The orbs are use to upgrade the truck. You would control of Ben and nothing more. The aliens would be your opponent and you need to beat them to the finish line. They would go at top speed, so try not to hold back or you would lose the game.

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