Ben 10 Bike Trail

Be is so busy saving the world since some aliens are bad and would use their strength against others. There reasons are different since some of them would just want to have an edge over the others while the others would love to dominate the world. Of course, the latter is the scarier one and usually they are the strongest. Grandpa Max notice that Ben haven’t been enjoying much because he is much too busy saving the world lately. His grandpa knows that this a recipe for disaster, so he told Ben to have a recreational activity. Searching for something that he would enjoy is hard, but at last, he did found one in the form of bike trailing.

Your challenge here is to get to the finish line safely. But, of course, any challenge wouldn’t be easy as there are dangers involved. Since the setting is in the city, you need to overcome beams and barrels to get to the finish line. That means that it involves a balancing and stuff to be able to get to your destination. The game gets harder as you make some progress. If you think that this game would be easy, then you need to think again since keeping your balance in this game won’t be the same with all the other games.

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