Ben 10 Blood Days

While Ben was out saving the world form aliens, something unusual happened and the zombies have taken over the entire world. When Ben came back the place were filled with zombies and his Omnitrix got broken from the last fight with the aliens. Now, his back is against the wall and he need to defend himself to live. Armed with a handgun, he tries to shot as many zombies as he can. Tomorrow would be another day and he would need to search for survivors. He knows that the more survivors he have the better chance they have since they would work together to a common goal.

In this game, you need to blast every zombie you see since they are out to eat you. Thanks to the wall as they can’t reach right away, but that would not last long since they would eventually destroy it. You need to protect the wall. After killing the zombies, you would have a chance to search and you need to find weapons and people. Both would be useful to you, but there are times when you can’t find a weapon. When that happens, you need to concentrate on finding people.

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