Ben 10: Dragon Blaze

Dragon's were just a myth made of something from a story book. At least, that is what we are made to believe. In reality, they a re aliens, who crash landed on Earth thousands of years ago. Since then, they have concealed their presence to mankind. as Vilgax is chasing them, their presence is felt since they are fighting the robots. The PLUMBER got concerned with the growing sighting and thus, they asked Ben to investigate. Ben got mixed in the fight somehow since the dragons asked Ben to help them. Vilgax was determine to capture them since they are strong creatures and with them on his army, nothing can stop him.

This game is about dragons and aliens. You won't need t transform into an alien in this game since you be riding at the back of a dragon. You be controlling them and using them to battle the invaders from outer space. The idea here is to bring down Vilgax, but you need to get through his minions before all of that. The game is played with a keyboard and you would need to avoid being damage. You start with the basic dragon, but you would be unlocking powerful dragons as you make some progress.

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