Ben 10 Vs Zombies

Ben always fight zombies, so we know that he can handle aliens very well. However, zombies is another thing. Ben can't use his alien power against them since that means getting too close to them. He would need a gun or something that would keep him out of harm's way. Besides, his alien transformation only last for five minutes and the zombies would gang up on you. His Omnitrix can't handle that. When he came home from his other world mission, he found out that our world is now infested with zombies and now they are out to get him.

In this game, you are not going to use the Omnitrix to fight the zombies. You have a gun, knife and a grenade that you can use. The idea here is to kill the zombies as quickly as possible since they are going to attack you. If possible don't let them come close to you since they would hurt you. Every kill earns you money and you can use it to buy some upgrade for your character. You would need all the upgrade that you can buy to finish this game. Without it, it would almost be too impossible.

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