Ben 10 Skateboard

Ben Tennyson is always busy saving the world. However, this is a bad thing since he is not enjoying his time as a kid. He needs to enjoy since he would not get young. He needs to experience a lot of stuff and there are things that can be done without the Omnitrix. Sometimes, it is more fun than fighting aliens. Ben bought his skateboard and thought of using it around the streets. He hasn't been going to the street for a lot of times and he don't what is going on with his surroundings. Sometimes, you can use your area as an advantage if you are going to fight someone.

Sorry to say, in this game, you won't be using the Omnitrix since this game is about exploring the area. Of course, there would be danger involve, but you can't expect the same action like most of the action game out there. The idea here is to reach the finish line in as fast as you can. Of course, there would be something that you need to collect and in this case, you need the Omnitrix symbols. This game don't have any levels, since it would just take you to a new location once you reach the finish line.

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