Space Invaders

Ben is always there to save the day and with his Omnitrix, he stands a chance against the alien. When Vilgax got feed up of him, he sent in his ships to go look for him and perhaps destroy Ben. But, Ben is without defense since he can transform into Upgrade and merge with something that requires computer. This time he merges with a ship to do battle against the alien forces. Ben knows that this would be a tough battle. This battle doesn’t assure that he would win because there is a ton of them. He need to stop them and he needs to defeat Vilgax to stop the invasion.

The idea here is to eradicate all of the ship. You need to avoid anything that is being thrown at you. Try not to die in this game. You have buildings that can cover you, but it would get destroyed overtime. You can use the building toy our advantage since the ray won’t hit you if you are under the building. The idea here is to destroy them all before you can proceed to the next level. The game gets harder and even more challenging as you make some progress.

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