Ben 10 City Protector Game

When aliens are attacking us, Ben would be there to protect us as he got the power and the heart to protect us. Ben got his power from his Omnitrix and he would transform into an alien to fight those that are going to hurt us. When the flaming bats descended upon Earth, Ben is the only one that could fight them as he can transform into Heatblast and blast them for us. Those bats just want to feast on us, but Ben would not let anything like that to happen to us. He would readily fight those invading aliens.

In this game, you need to blast those bat like creatures form out of the sky, but there are other alien being that you would need to fight as well. The game is played with a mouse and a keyboard. You can’t control your movement, but you can surely use the mouse to aim your shot. If you can’t handle the aliens then you can use the special power. The game gets more challenging as you make some progress, so better up your game and make sure that you can beat those alien. If you can’t do that, then the game would be over soon.

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