Ben 10: Alien Force Omnimatch

Ben Tennyson was just a simple boy until he found the Omniwatch. This change his life big time and since then, his life is never normal. He would travel the world in search of the aliens that are harassing the people and then, he would beat them. Of course, there are aliens that help him during these times and these guys are good. They were the ones that help his grandpa when he was younger to battle the bad aliens. No one would want to be bullied in their home and that is what the PLUMBER want it to be.

The idea here is to pair the cards. Take note that you would need to pair at least, three cards to be able to score. Of course, you can pair more than that, but that is not always possible. When you pair a card, the rest of the card would drop and the ones that you pair disappears. There is a timer and you need to find all the pairs before the timer ends. There are a number of pairs that you need to reach before the timer. The game gets harder and much more difficult as you make some progress.

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