Ben 10: Fight 2 Game

When Ben was following an alien, who suspect would do something evil, he was transported back in time. This is the China dynasty wherein there are lots of evils guys around. Anywhere you go, there would be dangers, but when the mutated animals got unleashed in that era. Things turn from hard to most difficult. Now, Ben want to go home and he need his Omnitrix if he wanted to stay alive in that era. If he dies then he can never go back to his era. He need to come back safe and sound as he doesn’t want to grow old in that era.

In this game, you need to travel back in time when the china dynasty was growing. There are enemies all around the world, so you need to be on your guard as you travel from one place to another. Not, only those enemies would haunt you in this game, but also, the mutated animals. You need to stay away from them as much as possible, but f you must fight then just hit them hard and fast. It would be better to transform first before you fight them since they can’t harm you if you are too far.

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