Ben 10: Spot the Not

Ben Tennyson was just a simple, who gets bullied most of the time since he is too little and skinny, but he would never back out from any fight. However, he gets beaten all the time since he is too small. After a while, came the summer vacation and his grandpa Max invited him and Gwen to join him to camp in the forest. It was then, that he found the Omnitrix. His first transformation was Heatblast and he first thought that he was burning. Little did he know that time that it is just part of his power? He burn a forest because he panicked that time, which lead the drones to his area. It was the start of his long rivalry with Vilgax.

In this game however, you would not be using his powers, instead you would be relying on your keen eye to spot the not. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to look for the difference between the two pictures. You need to locate them as fast as you can since there is a timer and when that timer is done then you lose the game. Don’t worry too much about the time since you can use three cheats in every level.

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