Ben 10 Top Gun

Grandpa Max has been captured by Vilgax, now he demanded that Ben should surrender his Omnitrix or else. Of course, Ben can’t take it out of his hand since it is permanently attached to his hand. Ben don’t have a second to lose since his grandpa is in danger and Vilgax says that he would killed his grandpa should he use the Omnitrix this time. Ben and Gwen teamed up to save grandpa as they don’t want something to happen to their grandfather. Vilgax sent his drones to stop them and also to retrieve the Omnitrix when Ben is killed.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to save Grandpa Max, who has been kidnapped by Vilgax. There would be lots of enemies waiting for you throughout this game, but that is not the only thing that you would need to worry as there are also electric clouds that could fry the hell out of your character. Should you able to get pass all of those, then you would need to face Vilgax and defeat him. The game didn’t end there as it only become more difficult as you make some progress.

Are you ready for this game?

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