Ben 10 Ultimatrix

Ben Tennyson receive the Omnitrix when he was 10 years old. It was his first time to transform into an alien and now that he is older, he get the Ultimatrix, which much more powerful. However, like the previous one, it needs to recharge before it can be used again. Now, he needs a blaster and all sorts of stuff to fight the invading alien. He knows that he can't always depend upon his alien form. There would be times that he would need to stand on his own and fight his way against an angry alien.

In this game, you are not allowed to use the Ultimatrix, but you can use a blaster and other form of weapon to fight your way against the other alien. The idea here is to get from one point to another, but it won’t be that easy since there are lots of enemies blocking your way and there are times that you would need to fight back. Of course, there are times that you can escape without fighting, but that is not always the case. You have lots of weapons that you can use, but only one weapon is unlimited. The game gets harder and much more challenging as you make some progress.

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