Ben 10: Free Runner Game

As much as we love to see Be fighting some alien, he still likes peace as no one would want to get in trouble on purpose or at least, without getting anything in return. Of course, when trouble comes he can always transform into an alien and kick the hell out of someone. Most of the time, those are evil aliens, but there are times that he needed the power of the watch to beat a person. These guys are evil and would never repent, but everyone knows that we all need something as a recreation to beat those stress away.

In this game, the idea is to run as fast as you can, but there are no finish line here as it would be continuous as long as you have the time left. Your time is limited here and once you run out of time, your time would end and the game is over. Of course, you would want to extend it and you can do that by collecting those clock on the screen. You need to run as fast as you can to get far in this game while collecting some coins along the way. There are no levels in this game.

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