Ben 10: Zombie War

When Ben got home after a mission outer space, he immediately noticed that something was wrong. He went on to search on clue on what happened to his town, he sees an old person that he knows. Upon greeting, the person started running after him. Ben was shocked, but he managed to escape, the guy was trying to bite him for whatever reason. So, he hide for a while and reemerges from his hiding place sometime around. Soon, he noticed a group of people walking and they were all drooling. He got suspicious and watch them from afar. They were all zombies and from that day on, ben got cautious of his surroundings. He found an old gun and use it to defend himself.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to kill all the zombies. Kill the zombie that is closest to you since you don’t want them to get closer. They would eat you and your life would dwindle. You would need to keep on fighting till all the zombies in a level would all be gone. The game gets harder and more dangerous as you make some progress. You can never move out from where you stand in this game.

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