Ben 10 Demon Hunter Game

Ben Tennyson was so depend in his watch that he always wear it wherever he goes. Well, actually, he can’t take if since it is attached to him somehow. Only, Asmutt can take it away from him since he is the one that creates the powerful watch. However, as much as Ben would like to use the watch, there is always a limit in it. He can use it a few times since it need to get recharge and that he can’t control which aliens he would change into. Thankfully, some aliens were good to him and they make him a battle suit to combat the evil aliens.

In this game, you won’t be suing the power of the Omnitrix since you are wearing a battle suit. The idea here is to blast all the aliens since all are hostile towards you. You need to get to the boss and deal with him. However, you might not be able to get to the boss if you aren’t going to defeat the alien before you since they are going to attack you non-stop. Try to avoid the projectiles as you would be in the losing end if you get hit a lot.

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