Ultimate Big Chill: The Protector of Earth

Ben is one of the strongest heroes in the world not because he got big muscles, but the fact that he can transform into so many aliens make him among the best heroes that we can rely upon. A threat doesn't always come in the form of alien beings, there are times that it comes from a global threat or something that we can’t control. There is this one time, when asteroid from outer space began appearing in our area and they would hit the planet. Since most heroes can't do anything about it, Ben was called in to intercept and destroy the asteroid before it hits the Earth. Ben turns into Big Chill and then turns to its strongest form to control the situation - Ultimate Big Chill.

The idea here is to make sure that none of those meteors fall into Earth as each meteor could cause massive damage. When there are so many meteors or your hero get hit most of the time then the game would end in an instant. No, you can't avoid the meteors and just let it since that would hit the Earth. You need to destroy it or just ram it with your force filed.

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