Ben 10: Dna Combiner 2

Ben always fight with aliens using his Omnitrix Powers. He is brave enough to fight back once they have gotten hostile to him or someone else. Actually, even without his powers, he would fight back, but, don't assume that he would in. He was always like that ever since in Elementarily and he always got beaten by tje bigger kids back in his school. As the holder of the Omnitrix, he would surely use his powers to defeat the evil ones that would do him bad or, do evil things against anyone else. That is what, he had been thought by his parent and that is how he would live for the rest of his life.

In this game, you don't need to be brave or fight anyone else. All you need to is to find the matches of each card. The game is played with the mouse and has timeframe. The idea here is to flip the cards up and find its equivalent card. You need to find the equivalent card immediately since the wrong card would be flipped back to its backside. You would need to have a good memory to play this game since that would help you in this game.

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