Grey Matter Power 2

Grey Matter is one of the smartest alien that Ben can transform into. You can easily build so many things if you are among their race. Actually, the creator of the Omnitrix comes from this race and as such they are one of the most intelligent beings in the galaxy. Actually, Ben uses this transformation if he want to build something or something that would require some intelligence. The alien is so small that it won’t stand a chance against anyone, but because of its brain, you can do a lot of stuff as long as you have become Grey Matter.

This game is played with a mouse only. The idea here is to build the picture and you would have a guide through it all. All you need is to follow the picture within each pictures. However, finding the right piece for the job won’t be easy since there are a lot of pieces and you need to figure out what you would need for the job. There is a timer and you need to beat the time to be able to get to the next round. You need to use your mind in accomplishing the task at hand. Each picture would be hard, but if you can do it within the timeframe then it won’t be hard.

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