Ben 10 and the Ultimate Enemies

Ben Tennyson is just a normal kid that gets bullied throughout his elementary life because he is just a small fry. Anyone who is bigger than him can make a mince meat out of him at any time they want, but that doesn't mean that he won't fight back. He would do that, not because he is big and strong, but because of the fact that he never gives up. He has this mentality that matches of that of a hero. When he found the Omnitrix in the forest, it was his lucky day and that day forward, he never again was bullied. But, that day, also marks the interest of alien life forms on his normal life.

In this game, you don’t need to battle anything or anyone since this game is all about puzzles. The idea here is to build those puzzles as quickly as you can. There is a timer in this game and you need to build the picture as fast as you can or at least before the timer expires. If ever, you can accomplish that then you would head on to the next level and that would be harder than before. This game gets harder as you accomplish one task after another.

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