Ben 10: Ninja Spirit

Ben was transported back in time to Feudal Japan as he was following an alien. Apparently the alien was doing something to the time as he want to travel through time and change the course of history. Ben want to stop it, but he wasn’t able to. In short, he failed and is now trap in that period. To get back in time, he need to track the alien and get the device from him. However, that won’t be easy since his omnitrix was damaged because of the time travel. Now, he need to depend upon his skill as a ninja to battle the bad guys in that period of time.

In this game, you need to kill enemy after an enemy since you would need to deal with them all at once. There are no power-ups in this game, so you need to learn all the right moves and execute it. You can do that at the start of the game, just before it began. Try to learn it first before you proceed with the game since that would help you a lot. There are lots of enemies and you need to kill every last one of them. To do that, you need to take them one at a time, which means that you need not to walk further since that would expose more enemies. There are a number of moves that you can do in this game and it would surely help if you know all of them.

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