Ben 10: Pacman

When Ben first got the alien device, he transformed into Heatblast and nearly destroyed the forest because of his powers. Fortunately he is nothing like that now as is able to control his powers. However, he can’t choose which alien he would be since that thing is still randomized. And it is because of that Ben is trying to practice his alien powers. Recently, he got some upgrade from Asmutt, making his Omnitrix more powerful than before an of course, it comes with different aliens that he didn’t see before. One of the known alien in his new device is Ghosfreak and Upchuck. Apparently, something happened, which freed Ghostfreak and it has since then acts on its own.

This game resembles Pacman from the old Nintendo game of the same name. The idea here is to get all the pellets. Of course, it comes with the power pellets, which you can get from all corners of the platform. The Ghosfreak acts as the ghost from before. You need to gather all the pellets for you to be able to get to the next level. However, that won’t be easy since there are four ghostfreaks trying to eat you. You need to avoid them and the only way that you could eat them is if you have munch on one of those four power pellets.

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