Ben 10: Gold Miner

Ben maybe a good hero, but he is never a good merchant since all he does is to fight aliens. We all know that there is nothing to gain in fighting aliens except the fact that you would be a hero for those who they are harassing. When his Grandpa Max invested on a land, little did he know that it is full of gold. He found out eventually and told his Grandson Ben to help him out. Of course, Ben can't use his alien powers in this kind of job. He would have to rely on some old passion pulley to help out in this kind of job.

In this game, you need to pull the amount indicted on the upper left of the screen. You can earn some money here once you pull out some rock within the depths of the quarry. The control is easy since all you need to do is hit the downward key every time that you are on top of the precious stone. The price of the stone depends on how big, and kind of the stone. Of course, you realize that in general, you need to pick up those big gold stones, but those are too heavy and would take up much of your tie to pull it out. Anyway, you can do whatever kind of strategy you would like as long as you are able to meet the demand in the end.

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