Ben 10: Treasure Hunter

Ben Tennyson might fight the scums of the universe, but in the end, he would just be a hero for most and that would not do anything in his status. He is still poor and that is something that Ben would like to do something about. Recently, he discovered some ancient treasure that would make him rich. If he is able to find it. He collected some data to know where it is hidden. The place is a little dangerous, but obviously, he won’t need to fight some alien and that is good enough for him. He won’t need to transform into an alien himself since there are no aliens there.

The idea here is to collect some gold coins while running. No, you won’t control him running as that is automatically done for you. You just need to make sure that he won’t fall into one of those pits. The game is played with a mouse and all you need to do is to click on the mouse whenever a pit is nearby. Make sure that you are going to land on something sturdy and not on the hole or the game would end eventually. There is levels in this game and it is continuous as you would be running all the time in this game.

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