Ben 10: Super Skate

Ben is always fighting some evil aliens. Though, he might enjoy it, it is a very strenuous work since he would need to be in top shape and he would need to stop the evil aliens from enslaving the world. There are some good aliens in the world and Ben has been working with them to keep the peace around. One day, he was training and he can't follow the drill, his grandpa Max noticed it and advise him to get some recreational activity. For him, it is not important and it seems not exciting , so finding one is a lot of hard-work for him. His friends suggested a lot of things he could do, but none of them fits his needs, except for skating.

In this game, you would need to ride a skate and perform some tricks. Of course, we all know that learning it is the hard part, so this game is about that. There are some introductions in the game, which would guide all the way, so follow it and you would learn how to do it. Remember, it won't be easy. The game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is to jump high. You need to gain much momentum in order for your character to be able to do this.

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