Ben 10: Longbow

Ben Tennyson is always busy with fighting some aliens and all that stuff that he never have a great time with his friends. The Plumbers was worried since they never see Ben have fun and they know that this would be bad for him. He need something to unwind as he can’t do the same thing over and over. At some point, he would break down and that is something that they don’t want to happen. They told ben to have fun and be with his friends. Ben hasn’t been playing with his friends for a long time now and he need something to have fun with. At that time, he saw a tournament for a longbow shooting contest. He sign up and then practiced. He knows that he would need some time to be good at it, but it looks real fun and he can’t just let it pass by.

In this game, you won’t be fighting some aliens, instead, you would enter in the tournament, but before that, you need to practice. In the practice mode, there are unlimited number of arrows, so you can practice as long as you want. You would need that in the competition. If you got tired of practicing then you can enter the tournament.

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