Ben 10: Jigsaw Puzzle

Ben Tennyson is a young boy that found a mysterious device in the depths of the woods while he was camping with his cousin and granddad. He got curious and wore the device as it is pretty much stylish. When he wore it, he burst into flame, which made him panic. He run around the woods, which causes most of the forest to burn. The fire was put out and everything got back to normal, and Ben realizes that he possess a powerful device. He told his grandpa and that was the story of it. He became a hero as he uses the device to help people.

Unfortunately, you won’t see any alien transformation and fighting in this kind of game. This is a game off the mind and the idea here is to puzzle pieces back together. There are no time limit in this game and the game is played with a mouse. The game is easy since you don’t need to hurry while putting it back together. To give you a hint on how you win in this game, you start with the corners and from there, you would be able to see how most of the puzzle pieces would go.

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