Ben 10: Mathrix

Like most kids, Ben is having a hard time with math and he got low grades. The teacher said that he needs someone to help him be good at it. He can’t find a good teacher, so instead, he uses his alien changing powers. He would change into Heatblast if he answered right, but Zombozo would surely appear to laugh at him every time, he answered it wrong. That was the deal and the clown loves the fact that he can’t insult Ben for being wrong. Fortunately, the two become friends now and Zombozo was too tired to do something evil.

In this game, you get to use the Omnitrix to change into Heatblast, once you guess the right answer. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to pick the right answer to the question. The question would be about math problems actually, it would be just multiplication and you should not be having a hard time to choose the right answer if you do your homework. This game is just right for the elementary kids since they can practice their multiplication skill while having fun at the same time. Are you up to the challenge?

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