Ben 10 Power Fight

Ben is now one of the most powerful beings in the world, but one scientists is out to prove that his creations are better than Ben Tennyson and he is out to prove it to the world. He invited Ben in a tournament, where the winner takes all. In short, the winner would take the town and anything on it. Ben knows that he needs to win this for him to save the towns people. He have lots of friends there and they are all counting on him. Ben knows that this would be tough and he might end up losing, but he could not let down his friends, so he gives it his best shot.

In this game, Ben would transform into several aliens, all in just a short time. Whenever he attacks, Ben would transform into one of those aliens for a short time. The idea here is to knock out the opponents or at least, you need to make enough damage before the time ends. Either way, you win the game, but that won’t be the end as there would be more. They would be much more tougher, but, if you have a game play then you would have a fighting chance.

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