Ben 10: Demon Hunter Game

Ben is one of the best and strongest super heroes that that have live in our world. We are fortunate enough to have him since he is the one that takes care of all the alien problem. Actually, some of his best buddies are aliens and they help him to defeat those bad aliens. Ben and the others work together in the same group known as PLUMBERS. No, they are not the ones that you call when your toilet is full, but they are a group dedicated to tackle the alien problem of the world. The group is consist of both humans and aliens. They have been in existence even at the events of World War 1. One day, Ben was sent to a planet that is full of hostile aliens and his mission is to stop them. However, they prove to be too much for Ben, so he need to escape the planet.

In this game, escape is the only option out of the planet, but the problem is that there are too many aliens trying to get him. The game is played both with mouse and keyboard. The idea is to escape the planet, but that would be a long one. Your focus for now is to survive as long as you can.

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