Ben 10: Power Shot Game

Ben is one of the most powerful being in the world, but there are many others that are much more powerful than him. If you would go outside this world then you probably would meet lots of them. They are alien beings and they love to fight. One of the strongest and the most sinister of them all is Vilgax. The latter and Ben always gets into fight since the two are opposing to the other. Of course, we all know that Ben is the good one while Vilgax is the sinister alien. The only reason that Ben can go head to head with Vilgaxis because he wears the Omnitrix, if he didn't got it in the first place then he would not stand a chance.

In this game, you are not going to sue the Omnitrix to transform into an alien being, but you are going to use it as a power shot. The idea in this game is shoot as many Vilgax balloon from right out of the sky. The game is played with a mouse and you need to shoot the balloon from right out of the sky. There are no timer here, so take as much time to aim your shots. Remember that your shot is limited and you need to make them count most of the time.

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