Ben 10: Race in Istanbul Game

As much as we all love to see Ben fighting all those aliens, his life is not about them as he still has some time to enjoy. Since he is famous now, he gets some time to enjoy himself as he have lots of money to spend. Besides, there is no evil aliens every day that would attack the world. And some of his friends are aliens and they have been working together to ensure that the world would be safe, giving Ben the time he needs to enjoy his time in Istanbul. In Istanbul, he found out about the race and he decided to participate not to win the race, but to enjoy his time in the race.

In this game, even if you want to, there are no aliens that you need to fight. The game is about racing and you need to get to the finish line as fast as you can. There is nothing to worry since there won’t be any competition from other racers. All you need to do is to drive your way to the finish line as fast as you can. You need to cross the line three times to finish the game.

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